Real Estate Investment market study in Canggu Bali 

We'll share the exact analysis on the market study that we have done in order to set the current daily prices for our villas in the ROI Brochures that we provide for each villa. As you can see in those documents compared to the videos, we always set cheaper prices than the average 1st page of Airbnb results.

Results shown on the 1st page of Airbnb results

The Ist page of results on Airbnb is like the first page of Google search, it combines the best results that you will ever find so we took into account that
lit was the best method to find the real life market value of our properties
The first page has 20 results listed, so it's already a good number to average and extrapolate a daily rate.
You will notice that we type in "Cangqu" as the area of research, because Canggu is a very popular research area, Airbnb broadens the range of
propositions to a wider radius around Canggu, that includes our villas on the land that we offer, which is why it is a very attractive location.
• High Season: 
• Middle Season: 
• Low Season: 
1 Bedroom average rate:
- Airbnb: 197$ vs APB: 120$
- Airbnb: 168$ vs APB: 100$
- Airbnb: 135$ vs APB: 87$
2 Bedrooms average rate: 
- Airbnb: 198$ vs APB: 180$ 
- Airbnb: 182$ vs APB: 162$
- Airbnb: 194$ vs APB: 144$
3 Bedrooms average rate:
- Airbnb: 294$ vs APB: 253$
- Airbnb: 263$ vs APB: 228$
- Airbnb: 209$ vs APB: 202$
4 Bedrooms average rate:
- Airbnb: 470$ vs APB: 314$
- Airbnb: 454$ vs APB: 283$
- Airbnb: 365$ vs APB: 251$
1 Bedroom (Namera & ILAO Villas)
2 Br (Melambai or Kahoni Villas)
3 Br (Melambai or Kahoni Villas)
4 Bedrooms (Kahoni Villas)
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