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Indonesia is Member of the G20, and classified as a newly industrialized country. Ranked as the 7th largest economy in the world by GDP per capita. Ans as the largest in Southeast Asia. Bali to host the G20 in October 2022 !

Bali in the heart of Indonesia has long been an international destination with 8 million tourists a year who appreciate its relaxed lifestyle in a temperate tropical climate. Investment real estate has grown almost constantly for more than 20 years. It is a question of accommodating tourists as well as wealthy locals or the many resident expats. Our villas take advantage of this enthusiasm to offer a heritage investment that can be transformed into a profitable investment 100% of the time.

Bali is often mistakenly confused with a country.
However, it is only one of the provinces of the Republic of Indonesia.
A country that accumulates records:

  • The largest archipelago in the world with some 16,000 islands of which only 922 are inhabited.
  • The fourth most populous country in the world with 270 million people speaking 719 languages.
  • By its length 5.271 km from east to west (the equivalent of England in Pakistan)

Bali is an island in Indonesia, which is often called the island of the Gods. It has been given this title because of its gentle way of life and the number of Balinese Hindu worship places, each of which is equally beautiful.

Many tourists once in Bali, discover a way of life completely different from their home and yet more and more tourists put their bags on this paradise island.

We are going to talk about several topics that make this island more and more important in the field of tourism.

The climate

One of the main reasons to travel to Bali is the climate. It is located a few degrees south of the equator and has a warm, tropical climate all year round. There is a dry season from April to October and a rainy season from November to March. But don’t be surprised if during the dry season there are a few showers. The main attraction is the temperature from morning to night. You are in a swimming costume all day long. The current average temperature is 27 degrees every day.

Prices that defy all competition

As tourism has exploded in recent years, Bali has adapted to offer a range of high quality, yet affordable restaurants, hotels and villas.

The Balinese have set the bar very high in terms of service, food and comfort but at a much lower price than elsewhere.

To give you an example, it is quite possible to spend a night in a superb villa, with private bathroom, swimming pool… for a total of 40€, or to have a massage for 1h30 in a luxury spa for 20€. All this is only possible thanks to the Balinese and their sense of service. For the first time for many of you, you will feel like you are being treated like a prince.

Only in Bali can you sleep in a villa in the middle of the jungle, or on a cliff overlooking the ocean for the price of a standard hotel back home.

Meeting the locals

They are also very family oriented and believe very much in their religion, which is why most of them live in groups of several generations, often with the husband’s family. You will see, they are not people who necessarily come to you, except for the taxi drivers at the airport or the sarong sellers near the temples.

But they are always there to help you and show you the way.

As said before, Balinese people are very religious and share their culture and tradition with us, tourists with great pleasure.

Culture and traditions

Bali is often called the Island of the Gods and for good reason, its inhabitants are very religious and every day make offerings to their gods. They can be in the street in the form of tree leaves, the Balinese can put whatever they want, like rice to thank the gods for food, a coin for money, flowers for vegetation and sunshine and many other things. If you walk down the street, you are sure to see a lot of them. Rituals and ceremonies are also important, there is something going on almost every day.

If you stay in Bali for several weeks, you will have the chance to attend many incredible ceremonies either in temples or on the street. They are prepared long hours or even days in advance. Women weave palm leaves into arches, decorations or small baskets to carry their belongings. The men build huge statues. The traditional costumes are beautiful and very colorful.

A special event on a Bali trip: Nyepi

Nyepi is the Balinese New Year, based on the Saka calendar. But no champagne or party for the Balinese New Year. It is in fact the day of silence, during which Bali goes to sleep for 24 hours.

No lights or electricity on the island. No travel, no entertainment and no businesses open. In fact, all the tourist places are deserted on this day. This is the day when the Balinese fast and meditate with the aim of repelling the demons or at least not attracting them.

The landscapes of dreams

Bali is one of the richest countries in terms of landscapes, there are jungles, rice fields, fine sandy beaches, black sandy beaches, volcanoes, mountains, waterfalls… As you can see, there is something for everyone and for all tastes.

For example, you can go to the heart of the island near Tengallalang to discover the lush green rice terraces. Nearby, in Ubud, you can visit a jungle full of monkeys. The Monkey Forest is known to be home to hundreds of macaques, just be careful with your personal belongings.

But if you want a more relaxing holiday, we have the perfect place for you, a heavenly beach in the south of the island towards Uluwatu where you will find the most beautiful beaches of Bali.

On Canggu, you can also find the « Echo Beach » but also in the north of the island. These beaches are also very charming with black sand.

Still in the north you can discover beautiful waterfalls like Git Git, the twin waterfalls of Banyumala or Sekumpul.

If you like hiking too there is plenty to do. You can start by climbing Mount Batur with a view of Lake Batur and then tackle Mount Agung, which is the highest point on the island and offers an amazing view of the whole island.

What is also incredible about Bali is the proximity of other paradise islands such as Gili, Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida or Lombok. Accessible by boat or just a 20-minute flight to Lombok, it’s a joy to be able to escape from one island to another so easily.

But one thing that all tourists and even Balinese love to watch is the sunsets. It’s a ritual to take your scooter at 6pm to go and watch the sunset on the nearest beach.

As you can see, there is plenty to see and the question of why travel to Bali is no longer an issue!

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