Villa Construction Process

WE BUILD YOUR VILLA IN 12 Month MAXIMUM from 1st payment !

See your construction live : you will have live access to the webcam

Here is the timeline for 1 villa 

Step 1

Excavation work

Step 2

Foundation work
We now use micro-pile foundation technique that allows us to give a 5 YEAR WARRANTY on the construction

Step 3

Concrete formwork

Step 4

Walls being built

Step 5

Pool and roof construction

Step 6

Indoors roofing and outdoor waterproofing

Step 7

Pool glassdoor with view on the sunken Lounge area

Step 8

Ceiling and lighting preparation

Step 9

Finished pool+glassview and windows

Step 10

Kitchen open backwall and garden installation

Step 11

Garden trees and canopy roof installation

Step 12

Canopy roof installed and indoor furniture

Step 13

Furniture installation and design/decoration

Step 14

House is finished after less than 12 months of construction work

Check out the pictures here :

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